KLM: Destination X

KLM: Destination X
An awareness campaign in the Middle East.

First things first
In a region where airlines are more competitive than anywhere else, it’s not always easy to distinguish yourself. So when KLM Middle East wanted to raise awareness around 10 brand new destinations they fly to, the approach had to be different.

We created a web-based game in which our audience had to select one of the 10 new destinations and fly a KLM plane there. By avoiding hitting clouds the score increases, and by teaming up with a friend you can combine scores to increase your winning chances.

This didn’t just result in higher scores on the leaderboard, but increased reach and participation significantly. The duo with the highest score at the end won a trip to their favourite of the 10 new KLM destinations.

We reached over 1,5 million people, and players on average played the game 3 times to improve their score.

Users who were reached by social media had to invite a friend to submit their score. We saw that over 95% of the users invited a friend, resulting in a high volume of user data for future retargeting.

My role: Concept, Art Direction, Design  
Client: KLM
Agency: Merkle (Your Social)