Project: Vergeetmijnietje

A Guinness World Record breaking awareness campaign.

First things first
Moving abroad is a big step, leaving your comfort zone and a lot of people close to you behind. Because how do you make sure your family, friends or colleagues stay in touch with you when you’re living in a different country? That’s right. You give them a plant.

A plant that’s not just any plant: a Vergeetmijnietje. An Arduino powered, WiFi enabled Twitter plant that waters itself whenever someone mentions you in a tweet. Want to keep the plant alive? All your need to do is keep the conversation going!

Vergeetmijnietje got a nice, prominent place in the office and colleagues started tweeting frequently. Staying in touch, and ensuring to stay connected.

But to be really honest; after a month Vergeetmijnietje accidentally got disconnected from its power source. And unfortunately no tweet able to solve that issue ;).

My role: Concept, Art Direction, Design  
A self initiated project.