Dolby: Half a Movie

An awareness campaign in the Middle East.

First things first
If we don’t receive the full experience in modern day culture, we’re left somewhat disappointed. Even with a healthy dose of optimism: a cup half full, as opposed to half empty, is still not a full cup.

So why do people continue to settle for less than the full experience? In cinema, we know, it’s because they haven’t yet experienced Dolby Atmos.

Because once you experience clearer, deeper, moving audio; there’s no going back to ordinary sound – it feels like: ‘half the experience’ or ‘half a movie’.

By using social ads, online banners and digital out of home communication, we pushed our message to our audience.

Movie posters torn in half made our message clear immediately: with Dolby Atmos, you never have to settle for half a movie experience again.

The campaign’s social assets reached over 1.2 million people, and were adjusted to be used as DOOH banners in a second flight of the campaign (which ran in Dubai Mall and Dubai Marina Mall). But even more importantly: we’ve taught our audience that when it comes to cinema, audio is just as important as the visuals.

My role: Concept, Art Direction, Copy  
Client: Dolby
Agency: Merkle (Your Social)