Project Cloud 9

A cloud shaped social sentiment monitor.

First things first
In the age of social media, it’s quite easy to check how well your brand is doing online. But it involves countless tools, data sheets and graphs. Wouldn’t it be nice if there’d be a more natural, intuitive way to check on the online sentiment around your brand. A solution that fits right into your work environment, is fast and fun?

A lamp. But not just any lamp: An Arduino powered, WiFi enabled, cloud-shaped, lamp that changes the weather it displays to match the online sentiment around your brand. In short: a cloud shaped social sentiment monitor.

Nothing but positive vibes on the good old interwebs? Sunshine it is! But when the online sentiment turns negative, Cloud 9 starts displaying stormy colours and lightning!

Cloud 9 will not just add a colourful and interactive touch to your office interior. It will give you a sentimental heads up at a glance and – when shit really shit hits the fan – it will notify you to check your social channels.

Oh, and it’s definitely a great conversation starter ;).

My role: Concept, Art Direction
A self initiated project.