Villa Joep: The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room.

First things first
As a non-profit organisation, Villa Joep inspires and drives activities that lead to the elimination of neuroblastoma; a rare form of cancer in children. They connect families, clinicians and researchers to collectively do everything they can to ultimately defeat neuroblastoma. And to achieve that goal, more scientific research is needed. Villa Joep raises funds to enable that research.

While neuroblastoma ‘only’ affects 25 to 30 Dutch children per year, the sad truth is that only 8 of them will survive. But since the affected group of kids is relatively small, neuroblastoma doesn’t get enough funding from the pharmaceutical industry. That where Villa Joep comes in, with a campaign we’ve created to spread awareness and raise more funds for that urgently needed research.

Every year, a full class of children not getting the attention they deserve. That’s the elephant in the room, and we’ve brought Villa Joep’s logo to life to address that in a hauntingly impactful setting: an empty classroom.

This powerful image became the core of the campaign film print assets, and the same feeling was translated to radio. During the second phase of the campaign the little elephant was released as an AR filter, enabling both influencers and people who donated to mention the elephant in their own room too.

The entire campaign was created, executed and published voluntarily. No fees.

Thanks to the overwhelming effort of countless volunteers on the creative and media side of the project, we’ve managed to get the Villa Joep’s urgent message out on TV, in cinemas, newspapers, magazines, (e-)radio, social media, online banners, cinemas, (e-)radio and over 2400 DOOH screens, resulting in more than 45 Million (!) impressions across the country.

Our main goal was awareness for Villa Joep and the cause they stand for. But our enormous amount of media presence helped achieve much more: the amount of web seaches for ‘Neuroblastoma’ and ‘Villa Joep’ doubled in the entire country. Website visits increased by 350%, and even though our main goal was awareness, we were happy to see the amount of direct web-donations double too.

Next to these direct results, we’ve created a very distinctive character and brand-asset for Villia Joep. Extending the possibilities of differentiating campaigns in the future.

Thank you
So this is going to be quite a list, but since this is a project I hold very close at heart I’d like to thank everyone who voluntarily contributed to this campaign.

First and foremost
StudioM, Greenhouse and Mindshare for initiating and enabling this project.
Michel Vranken for sharing your story, taking initiative, for your openness and support.
Mari-Elze Boogerd and Leontien Heisen from Villa Joep.

Art Director: Irene van der List, Tim Verswijveren
Copywriting: Barry De Waal

Strategist: Lieke Kersten, Janneke Huppertz

Production: Janne Coolen
Account management: Linda Janssen
Project management: lse Fleerakkers, Kathelijn Janssen
Equipment: Mountech

Graphic Design: Anouk Schellekens
Character Design: Cesar Schilder, Nick Janssen
3D Artist: Alex Scale, Luca Herhaus

Television and online video
Director: Danu Caris
DOP: Lin Hou Oui
Gaffer: Boyd Bakema
Colour grading: Frans Suijs
Media: Sijmen Tjio
Production assistant: Daan Verbakel, Josh Bosman
Locatie: Kindcentrum Theresia

Voice over & radio
Studio: Studio Make
VO Artist: Kristel van Eijk

Photography: Danu Caris
DTP: Hans Gerritse

Development: Jos van de Manakker

Social and web
Design: Anouk Schellekens
Development: Sophie van Duivenboden, Twan van de Sanen
Media: Shannon van Rijswijk, Ilona Wals

Influencers and content creators
Agency: INCA (WPP)
Content creator: Bas Smit, Taco Tapir, and countless content creators from the educational field

Agency: Mindshare (GroupM), Greenhouse (GroupM)
Television and streaming services: RTL, Talpa, Videoland
(Digital) radio: Qmusic, Spotify
Social: Snapchat
Newspaper: Telegraaf, DPGmedia (AD, Trouw, Parool, Volkskrant)
Magazine: VROUW, Kek Mama
Cinema: FoxScreen

Creative direction: Floris van den Elshout
Copywriting: Bram Lips, Renske van der Bogaard
Supply chain specialist: Robin Venderbosch, Maarten Janssen, Joep Thewissen
Lead e-commerce: Tom van Dalen
AV management: Mart-Jan Krabben
Marketing communication specialist: Anniek van Hoef